About Us

Established & Run by a Brit in India, Brand Fish n Chips is all about treating our Customers with British Classic Fish N Chips with an Indian Twist! We at Fish N Chips carefully pick spices & flavors from all over the world to create a Fusion of Classic Fish N Chips. Since our inception in India, we have been treating our Customers with a wide variety and quality FISH N Chips leaving them with an Amazing experience of International Cuisine. Our Brand has been in the existence in United Kingdom since 2010, we know a lot about FISH N Chips and take it pretty seriously when it comes to quality and flavor! We believe the best Fish 'N' Chips should have nothing to hide, so we don't add MSG or bulking agents to our natural batter mix. We also source the best quality Fish & Oil and cook them with care. Our ethos and commitment to Quality is what led to our quick expansion within India and continue to be on the growing curve.
We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy great-tasting Fish 'N' Chips, and that’s why we’ve developed our amazing Menu to cater for Indian Taste Buds with various aromatic flavors of hand-picked Fresh Spices. All our products are gluten-free.

Real Taste

We make our own House Dips with fresh ground spices and homemade ingredients.